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Inspire employees to feel happier and perform better!


Swap fun badges with teammates and recognize their awesome work with rewards!


Unleash more rewards when you achieve your milestones!

Connected to loyalty programme

Consolidate all loyalty points in one single place. Simple!

Platform at a glance

Profile and avatar creation

Profile: Customize your own profile and receive fun badges and Quokka tokens

Unbeatable Perks and Discounts

Best deals pulled from the City. Your one-stop hassle-free perks platform!

Employee recognition and award

Creation of Quokka token to reward good corporate behaviour

Holidays and birthdays' celebrations

Forster team bonding over festive celebrations

Single platform for all loyalty programmes

Use Quokka tokens to claim your loyalty points

Customize company or individual milestones

Easy to manage dashboard
Customize company logo
Data analytics and KPI management

Key features

Exclusive perks

  • Collected red Quokka tokens could be used to redeem the best and exclusive perks in the City under “Wellness”, “Lifestyles, “Dining”, “Insurance” and “Knowledge” Categories

Employee recognition

  • Employees would be pre-allocated with blue Quokka tokens to send out to coworkers. Tokens sent would turn into red for redeeming perks
  • To acknowledge coworkers positive impacts brought in to the team, you could send out appreciate badges along with a liner to show your appreciation


  • Flexibility to set company or individual targets in various stages to push towards completion
  • Mini-challenges to give you little nudges towards completion of set targets

Universal loyalty programm

  • You could use Quokka platform to manage your loyalty points with connected merchants


  • Customerised dashboard with company logo and design
  • Data analytics and KPI manamgemnt tools to help company management
  • "Happy rating" and "booster" options available to reward employees
  • Ongoing birthday and holidays theme perks
  • Quokka Award recognition

Why Quokka?

“ Costs of replacing staff is around 6-9 months’ salary ”

PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s study

“ Engaged employees are 87% less likely to look for new jobs ”

Corporate Leadership Council, UK

“ Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. ”

Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

how it works

Register and
create profiles

Quokka token will
be allocated to accounts

Start giving out badges and
tokens to your coworkers!

Collected Quokka tokens could be used to exchange perks and discounts

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about us

Herbert Siu

CEO & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur. Sharp insights with proven experience in UK PE/VC. Also a CFA & CPA.

Victor Zhu

CTO & Co-Founder

Technical gem with multiple published researches in Software Engineering and Data Mining. Technology Specialist in Montreal.

Marina Kwok

Head of BD & Ops

Start-up fanatic. Serial entrepreneur. Proven consulting executer & strategist. Senior management in MNC.

Steve Liu

Technology Adviser

Tinder’s Chief Science Officer - location based social search app with 50m active monthly users. Well reputed Professor & Scholar at McGill

“We help companies recognize and reward their staff through a custom-built recognition and localised benefits block chain platform.”


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